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How lack of sleep affects the brain - BBC News -
BBC News
Scientists in Canada have launched what is set to become the world's largest study of the effects of lack of sleep on the brain. A team, at Western University, ...
Western study to look at how sleep, sleep deprivation affects the
Sleep study seeks participants | The London Free PressLondon Free Press

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'World's largest sleep study' seeks online volunteers
"There's a lot about sleep and sleep deprivation and its effects on the brain that we just don't know," Bobby Stojanoski, one of the research scientists, said in an interview. "For instance, how much sleep is necessary? Is that true for everybody? Are ...
How much sleep is enough? Massive Western University study hopes to finally find outNational Post
Western University neuroscientist launches world's largest sleep-and-cognition

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The Independent

How sleep deprivation affects your brain
The Independent
Last year, a report revealed that 80 per cent of Brits are suffering from lack of sleep, and doctors and teachers are the most sleep-deprived of all. What's more, sleep deprivation costs the UK economy £40 billion a year, due to our reduced ...

Lights out: The neural relationship between light and sleep
Science Daily
Humans are diurnal animals, meaning that we usually sleep at night and are awake during the day, due at least in part to light or the lack thereof. Light is known to affect sleep indirectly by entraining -- modifying the length of -- our circadian ...

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To sleep
He has grown used to it, grown used to its consequences for the next day — which, of course, will be busy as always. And he will be tired. No rest for the weary. In their sleepless state, his thoughts conjure clichés. And then he knows they are ...


Sleep Important for Recovery in Comorbid Depression, Insomnia
BOSTON — Patients with comorbid depression and insomnia who sleep at least 7 hours nightly are more likely to benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) and achieve depression remission, preliminary results from the Treatment of ...

AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

New Apple Patent Describes Sleep Tracking System With Bedtime Ritual Sensing and Power Nap Function
Mac Rumors
A new patent filed by Apple in 2015, and published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, shines some light on what the company could be working on in regards to sleep tracking technology and its recent acquisition of Beddit. Called ...
Apple Granted a Patent Relating to Sleep Onset LatencyPatently Apple
Apple patent tracks sleep, adjusts alarms based on device inputAppleInsider (press release) (blog)

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What Happens If Your Baby Stays Up Later Than Usual? Sleep Is Sacred
Some of the most basic rules of baby sleep are actually counterintuitive and work in the opposite way us adults, especially us parents, would like them to work. While going to bed later so you can sleep in, or staying up later in order to be more tired ...
Keeping babies safe while they sleepThe Straits Times

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For The Win

This 'sleep calculator' will tell you exactly when to go to bed for the perfect night's sleep
For The Win
If you're waking up tired this morning, even after your morning coffee, it might not simply be a case of the Mondays. Maybe you even got your recommended eight hours sleep and you're still feeling groggy. If that's the case, it may be because you're ...

Reichmuth: Snoring could signal sleep apnea
Columbus Telegram
It's easy to make light of someone who snores so loudly they keep the neighbors up. But "sawing logs" isn't just a funny character trait — someone who snores could have sleep apnea, a common sleep disorder that is characterized by episodes of ...
The symptoms, risks and treatment of sleep apneaSunbury Daily Item

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